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      All individuals, partnerships, corporations, and sole proprietors conducting business in the City of Gulf Shores are required to have a business license. This includes persons dealing with residential and commercial real estate rentals or who operate home-based businesses within the City. In most cases, licenses are based on the gross receipts of your business. Business license fees are non refundable and that issuance of a business license should not be construed as authorization to conduct a business, unless the business has complied with all federal, state and local regulations. 
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      The Building Department enforces codes and regulations established by the State of Alabama and Baldwin County governing the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the City of Gulf Shores for the protection of residents and property.

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      The Planning and Zoning Department is tasked to administer the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Gulf Shores. This includes reviewing all proposals and applications for compliance, processing applications for zoning relief, and providing zoning information in order to maintain compliance of all properties within the City. The Planning and Zoning Department reviews all building applications for building permits, zoning and text amendments, conditional use permits, major and minor subdivision applications, sign permits, variance applications, design review, site plan review, and planned unit development applications.
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Have you seen blight, weeds, illegal parking or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood? If so submit an online complaint, and it will be automatically routed to the appropriate department for investigation.
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