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The options on this page provide access to some of the individual Divisions and Processes within the Development Services Department including Permitting, Code Enforcement, Planning and Zoning, Business Licensing, and Project Development. This portal is designed for you, the customer, to provide you with access to our online applications for Permitting and Licensing, information regarding Processes, Submitting Applications, and simple easy to follow instructions to begin the Development Process. You will find the forms necessary to complete your submittal to allow our staff to begin the review process. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible and to make your interaction with the Town as simple and conveinent as possible. If you have questions before you begin please contact Development Services directly and allow us to assist you  by calling (928) 636-4427 Monday thru Thursday 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Online Services You Need

    Starting a business? Learn when you need a license, submittal requirements, apply online, pay license fees, and view the status of your license application all from your home, office or mobile device.
    Apply for a License
    Search for a license
    Learn more about licensing
    Remodeling or adding on to you home? Learn when you need a permit, submittal requirements, apply online, view review status, pay permit fees and schedule inspections all from your home, office or mobile device.
    Apply for a Permit
    Search for a permit
    Learn more about permitting
    Starting a new construction project? Learn when you need to go through planning and zoning for development applications, what documentation you'll need, apply online, view review status, pay fees and view zoning board status all from your home, office or mobile device.
    Learn more about development

    Have you seen blight, weeds, illegal parking or other code enforcement violations in your neighborhood? If so submit an online complaint, and it will be automatically routed to the appropriate department for investigation.
    Submit a complaint

    WHAT'S NEW? 

    Beginning April 20, 2016 all permit requests must be called in or texted to 855-855-8919. That is the number for the new Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) Building Inpection Request line. Click on the links below for detaled instructions on how to use the system and a list of the IVR Inspection Code Numbers.

    Notice: Building Inspections

    Inspection Codes List